Welcome to the Distiller’s Journal!

Welcome to the Distiller’s Journal – a place for posting news, recipes, events and our musings.

We’re an independent, small batch distillery in downtown Halifax making handcrafted spirits for people who care about how things are made. For a taste of our passion and spirit explore our journal posts.

But if you find yourself in Halifax, come find us on the Halifax Waterfront at 1668 Lower Water Street.


Take a behind the scenes tour of our production, learn about the history of women in distilling and the distilling process.

Taste our JD Shore Rum and other spirits. Share your day with friends in the cocktail bar.

Shop for gifts and treats such as rum cakes, preserves and jellies, apparel, gift items and more. And don’t forget to book you next event or meeting with us for a truly unique event.

We can’t wait to see you!

– Arla, Julie, and the Spirit Ambassadors!


Rum preserves and rum cakes at the Halifax Distilling Co.

Arla and Julie welcome you to the Halifax Distilling Co.


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Building on the tradition of four generations we’re an independent distillery using a small-batch copper still to make a selection of fine spirits right here on the Halifax Waterfront!