Setting Up On The Halifax Waterfront

Opening day is fast approaching for us, and we’re so excited to be on the Halifax waterfront. If you’ve never been down here, this area is truly a gem. And it’s hard to believe that we’ll be part of the scene.

Things are pretty busy for us, putting the finishing touches on the Distillery, but we love to take a stroll along the boardwalk. We’re right across the road from the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. What a fabulous stop that is! Although it happened a century ago, the Halifax Explosion really shaped this city, and they have an outstanding display. And who knew Halifax played such an important role in the Titanic sinking?

The Farmers’ Market (oldest continually operating in North America) and Historic Properties are just a short stroll from the Distillery. The boardwalk runs for a couple of miles. There are a number of live webcams at different locations – just to make everyone who is not here jealous with us!

We’re rushing along here to get everything open, but every once and a while, we need to stop, take a deep breath, wander out to the waterfront, and appreciate this fabulous location. I can’t wait until we open the doors on the “Halifax Distilling Co. on the Waterfront”.

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Building on the tradition of four generations we’re an independent distillery using a small-batch copper still to make a selection of fine spirits right here on the Halifax Waterfront!