JD Shore Rum – Halifax’s Own

Halifax is Canada’s rum capital and we are proud to introduce Halifax’s new locally distilled rum – JD Shore. Each bottle is handcrafted using a small batch copper still to create a spirited, unpretentious rum made with passion, pride and can-do spirit.

JD Shore Rum
The rum comes in 4 varieties: Spiced Rum, White Rum, Gold Rum and Black Rum. JD Shore Rum is an uncompromising marriage of craftsmanship and value. Ask for it by name at your local bar or restaurant.

Brad Trask took the honour of buying the very first bottle of rum from the Halifax Distilling Co. Thanks, Brad. Enjoy!

Enjoying the first bottle of JD Shore Rum

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Building on the tradition of four generations we’re an independent distillery using a small-batch copper still to make a selection of fine spirits right here on the Halifax Waterfront!